Help! I’m Drowning In Technology


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My writing group told me I need to get on social media so when the book I’m writing is published I’ll have a following of readers eager to read it.  (Wow! Wouldn’t that be nice?)

It sounded reasonable.  But I’m in my mid-80s.  I’m not “into” social media.  I socialize  face-to-face or by telephone.  And occasionally, by email.  But Facebook?  Or blogging?

Gulp!  “OK, I’ll try.”

But I’m a s-l-o-w learner.  I’ve managed to get into it and am writing something.  (That’s the easy part — the writing, that is.)

Now I’m stuck.  They said I needed a picture.  I have a camera, but don’t know how to get the pictures from there to the computer.  And I haven’t even learned how to take pictures with my “smart phone.”  (The phone is smart, the user isn’t!)

“Oh, that’s not a problem.  There are LOTS of free app with pictures and you can just select one that fits your story.

I found where the pictures are, but I don’t know how to get one from there to here.

I need stroke-by-stroke written out instructions I can refer to.  Otherwise, here I am sitting stuck in a quandary of options — but what IS the next step?

Help arrived and I did get a picture selected and placed.  Progress.

Here goes publishing — fingers crossed and a prayer on my lips.



A Little Boy

I just finished another chapter in the book I’m writing, a memoir, of life on a homestead in Alaska in the early 1950s.  There were experiences involving my son — a toddler.  Shortly thereafter he phoned me, just to see how I was doing.   As always, it was so good hearing his voice.

But what a transition — from memories of life with a child to speaking with a grown man.  One and the same person, but the man who is now a senior citizen!

Not Hal, my son

I’m so proud of this man, the one who grew from the child I write about.  He’s not rich or famous, he’s an ordinary person.  But he’s a man with integrity, honest, kind, faithful — all of the attributes the mother of a child hoped and prayed for.