Consider the Petunias


I purchased them as soon as they were available in the local nursery; carefully planted them in the large pot, watered them faithfully every day and fertilized them twice a month as recommended.  I inspected them daily and silently cheered them on as new leaves appeared and then tiny buds.  I took delight as the petals each jewel-toned blossom unfurled into a mature flower.  Soon they were cascading over the edge of the pot, their dark green foliage supporting a riot of colorful flowers.

Then one morning I noticed a few blossoms looked tattered.  When I inspected them more closely I saw several buds had holes in them down by the stem.  Then I noticed a bright green worm half in and half out of one of the buds.  A caterpillar!  As examined each blossom and bud carefully I found more of the green worms: some just a bit thicker than a hair and others larger and plumper, obviously well nourished.  I plucked them off of blossoms, now in shreds; buds with the interior already devoured; and along stems.

While I was working I thought how much worry in my life is like the caterpillars among the petunias.  It ruins the perfect beauty of today leaving it ragged and torn; and invades the intended perfection of tomorrow leaving it already damaged and hollow.




Roots Meeting in Prescott, Arizona

Because this is a practice blog, we are still in the transition mode of bringing on our group to blog. A couple of them already have blogs. Most of them haven’t started building their own online platform.

We invite you to join our group on Saturday, July 23 from 10 a.m. to about 1 or 2 p.m. We teach story and technology, critique the bloggers here, and our works in progress. We have an online group and a face-to-face group.

If you would like to come, please send an email to