Hopefest Part 2


It’s nice to have ministry opportunities in your own community because it helps to bring connections that otherwise wouldn’t happen, and though it’s a cliché, it can be an amazingly small world, too.

My group had set up a booth on that cool and crisp autumn morning with the usual tracts, Bibles and music/testimonial CDs on our table. After a short while, I took some CDs and wandered around, stopping often, and conversing with people, some whom I knew, handing out CDs along the way. A lot of time had passed in my wandering until some items caught my eye, a few rows of neatly lined CDs. Not just any CDs, some of them were ones that I also had with me. Wow! Imagine that! I just had to hurry over and talk with those folks at that booth.

I introduced myself, mentioned that my group also had a booth and commented about the CDs on their table. Through more conversation, I found out that they no longer had access to receiving these CDs. I went on to explain how I was involved with the CD ministry, and that I could pass their information to the people who order the CDs.

After giving some CD’s they didn’t have, I left their booth with a wide grin on my face. For those who know me, I was soon seen to be bouncing! I bounced because God brought two parties together to meet a need in a unique setting that only He could arrange. I bounced because I am once again amazed in the way God is using me to be part of the CD project. I bounced because people are answering the call to be in the field to reach those who need to hear about Jesus Christ. I bounced because God was there with us.

“Then He said to them, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” ~Luke 10:2