Bold a person’s path may be
No care but for himself

Sin, like a siren calling out
says, “I am beautiful, alluring.
See, I have weaved a filigree of sparkling delight.
Come to me, come to me.”

You looked away and were disconcerted after hearing Jesus’ name. I wanted to ask, “Why. Why is Jesus now an embarrassment”? My next thought was, “I don’t understand.” Especially after all that you claimed God has done for you. After all the times you’ve mentioned how the gospel was presented. You understood and started on a new path for Jesus. You were on the brink and God saved you.

Ah, such a lovely trinket.
What harm could there be?
A moment has presented it,
For the taking it must be.

Of course I saw what happened. Yet still was I perplexed. Truly, did something else have that much influence? What about all the things that God has done in your life? Why do you now turn your back on Him? Has sin’s charm bedazzled you that much?

Sin’s seductive weavings closed in,
its tendrils wrapping tighter,
grabbing, leeching, grasping, choking.
But instead you felt a numbing pleasure.

Time and circumstance prevailed with many questions left unanswered. Even so, will you turn back to God and hear His still small voice or will you continue to remember your former ways, hearing only sin’s siren call?