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Renee Roeder “Boots”

13247751_10bootsBoots is a multi-media artist and has been in the printing industry for over 20 years. Some of her work is used in a CD ministry outreach with Street Level Ministrieshttps://www.facebook.com/StreetLevelMinistry/ throughout the States and overseas. She is also involved in Celtic Cross Ministries https://www.facebook.com/CelticCrossMM/ that help serve the Veterans, bikers and others in her community. You can reach her on Twitter:https://twitter.com/Boots4walking2 or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/renee.roeder.1. She also writes articles for TRC Magazine, http://therelevantchristianmagazine.com/.


Nikole Hahn


Nikole Hahn is a Social Media Consultant/Mentor with the organization, WorldVenture. The support she receives goes to movements like Roots. You can click here to support her as she mentors future and present Christian leaders.


Sherry Rossman

headshot.jpgSherry Rossman Sherry Rossman has short stories published in several online publications including, The Wordsmith Journal Magazine and The Relevant Christian Magazine. She has penned three YA Christian novels, and her short story, The Water Man earned a spot in Mythic Orbits 2016: Best Speculative Fiction by Christian Authors. She lives with her family and floppy-lipped dog in Northern Arizona.. Click here for her website.